An inspiring walk


My brain was addled and my neck ached. I had been sitting too long in front of the computer. I couldn’t even motivate myself enough to procrastinate. And then I saw the sun was shining. Why not grab one of the tasty korvapuustit my wife had just baked and head for the woods?

Who would have thought it? That 3 km stroll proved crucial for releasing a mental blockage I was facing with my WIP. The villain had to ambush my hero. But how was he to know where to find him?

I walked up the road and into the woods. Fallen leaves and a crunching under foot. What a privilege to be fit and to have such fairytale nature on my doorstep. Oh, I see someone has been through here with his dog quite recently. Tracks in the snow. TRACKS IN THE SNOW! That was the answer.


Just yesterday I had seen a video clip of snow falling in Elba. It does happen now and then. And that was the idea I needed to complete the stubborn chapter. I just tweaked things a bit so that it was now mid-winter instead of late October, and the hunt could procede.



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