How much does it cost to research, write and self-publish a novel?

I was a total greenhorn when I started writing my first novel in May 2012. The trigger was that I simply couldn’t find a historical novel about the Isle of Elba (except relating to Napoleon’s brief exile there) while enjoying a fascinating hiking tour. Seeing the cave where the exiled hermit San Cerbone lived became the anchor point for a tale that began to grow in my imagination. And I started typing…

Now it’s published, and I dared to ask myself what it all cost – not counting, of course, all the time and emotional energy I invested over these last six years. What would you guess? Continue reading “How much does it cost to research, write and self-publish a novel?”

A Chat with MDNeu

MD NeuIt’s time for another interview with a budding author. Today I’m having a chat with Marvin Neu, who writes under the pen name MDNeu.

MDNeu describes himself as a passionate fiction writer with a love for travel. Living in the heart of Silicon Valley (San Jose, California) and growing up around technology, he’s always been fascinated with what could be. Specifically, he’s drawn to Science Fiction and Paranormal television and novels.  His inspiration has come, among others, from Continue reading “A Chat with MDNeu”

Choose from (almost) 400 Agents!

I’ve just signed up to Agent Hunter and am staggered at the number of UK agents listed, each with a more or less detailed description of their interests and the genres they are keen to represent.

The FAQ answers many questions I had and points to Writers’ Workshop tips on writing a covering letter, which were very helpful.

Taking their advice, I’ve submitted my query to a couple of selected agents and am now eagerly awaiting their – positive, I hope – responses.

Interview with Writer Amir Lane

I’m trying something new. I’d like to introduce you to some up-and-coming authors.

Today it’s Amir Lane (pronounced Ah-meer), who ventures into a very different genre from mine. Perhaps it’s to your taste.

Amir is a supernatural and urban fantasy writer from Sudbury, Ontario and the author of Shadow Maker: Morrighan House Witches Book One, which follows physics major Dieter Lindemann as he’s dragged down against his will into Necromancy and blood magic.

Amir answered a few personal questions for me. Continue reading “Interview with Writer Amir Lane”