Vince Rockston

Born on the Island of Jersey, Vince Rockston was a Research Associate at CERN before moving into IT and later technical writing.

He now enjoys retirement in a beautiful village in Switzerland.

You want to make your mark in this world

Whether a young adult or an older person, you want to achieve something worthwhile while you’re here. Do you have great plans? Are you facing a life-changing decision or a challenging obstacle. Perhaps some dark memory is weighing on your conscience.

Throughout the ages, people have struggled with such issues as these:

  • How can I decide what is the right thing to do?
  • Is there a purpose in life?
  • How can I overcome temptations?
  • Is there a God? If so, is He good and loving, or harsh and judgemental?
  • I made a big mistake. I hurt someone badly. Is there still hope for me?

Vince Rockston writes dramatic stories set in distant times and places, in which young people come to grips with some of these timeless spiritual questions.

Scroll through his posts about his published book Aquila, his current work in progress Gédéon, his tips and tricks for fellow writers, or his observations on spiritual issues.

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Aquila – Can Silvanus Escape That God?

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Some of Vince’s recent posts


A visit to the Bern’s Historical Museum in August 2012 gave me some insight into living conditions in Late Antiquity – facts I need for establishing my story’s background. Could this be Silvanus’s mother? Please leave this field empty Sign up here to receive a…

Slander – an odious sin

Slander – an odious sin

Even in a time of great persecution under Louis XIV, most Huguenots in France were primarily concerned for their personal holiness in the eyes of God, rather than to fight for their rights. This is illustrated by the following imagined…

Going Indie!

Going Indie!

Well, I think I’m going to take the plunge and self-publish Aquila  – Can Silvanus escape that god? Keep a lookout for it in the next month or two! The amount of advice different people and organisations give is somewhat…

Who would have thought it?

The Romans had two-story houses with door locks, underfloor heating, running hot water, private mills, and silver dishes! And toilets-for-two next to the stove in the kitchen! Please leave this field empty Sign up here to receive a free video sample…

Dreaming of the big wide world

Dreaming of the big wide world

I doubt that Silvanus saw many motor boats from his hillside home on Elba. But he certainly watched the birds and shipping. And dreamed of adventure in the big, wide world. Perhaps that is what inspired me to take a day…

A New Home?

A New Home?

How do refugee families settle in their adopted country? Recently the BBC published a moving report about nine-year-old Rouaa from a Syrian refugee family. They had fled their home after a chemical attack and lived for several years in a…


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