Vince Rockston

Whether a teenager or an older person, you want to make your mark in this world, to achieve something worthwhile while you’re here. You may have great plans, be pondering a life-changing decision, or facing a challenging obstacle. Or perhaps some dark memory is weighing on your conscience.

Throughout the ages, people have struggled with such issues.

Vince Rockston writes dramatic stories set in distant times and places, in which young people come to grips with some of these timeless spiritual questions.

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Aquila – Can Silvanus Escape That God?

Beats, Tags and White Space

As an aspiring author, I’ve read several books on the art and craft of writing. They confused me. I didn’t even understand the terminology, let alone the principles they advocated. There’s nothing better than jumping in the deep end and…

Where (on earth) am I?

“Look around where you are right now. Describe this setting – but do so in the words your viewpoint character would use.” This was the exercise I was set in the book I’m currently reading. So I tried, in the words…

My new office

Snow-covered Alps in the distance, a red kite complaining about having been chased from its realm by angry crows, a waxing moon and last rays of sunshine at 4 pm on the 17th of December! Having completed the first draft of my book,…

What’s his face?

Many aspects form a novel – plot, pace, voice, character arc, setting, backstory, etc. But a novel wouldn’t be anything without characters. And readers want to get to know the main players. Among other things, they want to discover what they look…

What’s another word for…?

I’ve already mentioned how I like to use Google Drive for writing the chapters of my book. I can think of three good reasons why (or four):

Another great tool for authors!

Don’t you sometimes make a major change to a chapter – delete a whole section and rearrange the sequence of events – only to have a nagging thought that perhaps that wasn’t such a good idea and in a week…