Why I can’t believe in No God

A day trip to see an exhibition about evolution in a local natural history museum! The school class I assist was excited. Preliminary documentation showed that the displays were very well designed. Going round in groups, the children had to find the answers to questions about fossils, the emergence of different species, the demise of dinosaurs, birds’ adaptation to their environment, etc. All the result of random mutations over vast periods of time.

A child-oriented illustration of evolution

I suggested to the teacher I might raise the possibility of there being a Creator God behind those evolutionary processes. She said there wouldn’t be time. And, anyway, such issues were discussed in religious studies. Pity.

Here are my thoughts – intended to be appropriate for 9 year olds:

  • The huge diversity of living things and their complex interdependencies testify to an imaginative designer and not just random mutations.
  • Evolution is based on the principle of survival of the fittest, i.e. fighting without any pity for the defeated. But human society requires moral values and rules, which come from God.
  • The theory of evolution only describes the physical development of animals. But human beings also have mental and spiritual abilities that far surpass those of animals: language, writing, art, music, contemplation, planning, scientific research, medicine, technical developments, etc. And also the yearning to seek and worship God.

I’ve read Richard Dawkins (and others). They have done great research and made good observations. But, for me, they leave many spiritual questions unanswered. I prefer to accept God’s initiative, not only in designing all of this fantastic natural world but also in visiting us in Jesus, so we could get to know Him.


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