Vince Rockston

Whether a teenager or an older person, you want to make your mark in this world, to achieve something worthwhile while you’re here. You may have great plans, be pondering a life-changing decision, or facing a challenging obstacle. Or perhaps some dark memory is weighing on your conscience.

Throughout the ages, people have struggled with such issues.

Vince Rockston writes dramatic stories set in distant times and places, in which young people come to grips with some of these timeless spiritual questions.

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Aquila – Can Silvanus Escape That God?

Seventeenth Century France and the Huguenots

Seventeenth Century France and the Huguenots

Here are some books I found to help with research on my next novel, Gédéon. Click on the images for my full reviews. True to Her Faith by Harriet Gabourel I bought this book mainly because of the subtitle: A Story…

Description, Action or Dialogue?

I’ve come to a point in my story where Silvanus engages in heart-searching exchanges with his wise old mentor, Cerbonius. They don’t do much. They talk. This, I realize, can quickly become boring for the reader, who is hoping for…

Dreaming of the big wide world

I doubt that Silvanus saw many motor boats from his hillside home on Elba. But he certainly watched the birds and shipping. And dreamed of adventure in the big, wide world.

Historical Novel Blog Tour

Intro  As an author of a mere half of a book, I feel greatly honoured to have been invited by the enterprising Tiffani Burnett-Velez to participate in her Historical Novel Blog Tour, mingling with such illustrious writers as Meara Platt, Douglas Hawkins, A….

An inspiring walk

An inspiring walk

My brain was addled and my neck ached. I had been sitting too long in front of the computer. I couldn’t even motivate myself enough to procrastinate. And then I saw the sun was shining. Why not grab one of…

Chat with Jody Reynolds

Chat with Jody Reynolds

Time for another chat with a budding author. This time he’s from the opposite end of the world to me. J.B. Reynolds lives in rural Northland, in the very north of North Island, New Zealand. He is currently working on