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Among many interesting bits and bites, the December 2012 issue of The Woolf plugged the personal writing editor and coach Pro Writing Aid. Perhaps you all know and use it already.

I tried out the free online version and very soon subscribed to the premium edition, which, among other things, builds the proofing features right into such applications as Microsoft Word, Google Chrome and the WordPress editor. So one doesn’t have to copy large chunks of text back and forth. An incredible boon for bloggers!

Repetition, spelling mistakes, adverbs, etc.

Either version does things like:

  • checking grammar
  • improving dull paragraph structure
  • find repeated words and phrases
  • checking consistency of spelling, hyphenation, and capitalization;
  • identifying sticky sentences
  • eliminating clichés and redundancies

The full analysis of a given text reveals innumerable unpleasantries, but working tediously through them does result in a significantly better-sounding text. Just don’t act on every point it criticises.

Special offer


ProWritingAid has launched a new free eBook, which can be downloaded here. If you download the book, you will receive an email offering a 1-year ProWritingAid licence for a reduced price.

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